Thermal and Visual module placed on the one Pan-Tilt head

Dual PTZ IP Camera (Thermal/Visual)


Key features
  • Resolution: 4 MPX
  • Lens: motorized varifocal, AI and AF function, optical zoom 30x, f=5.3 ~ 159 mm/F1.6 ~ 4.3
  • lens: thermal fixed focal length, f=35 mm/F1.0
  • D/N function - IR cut filter
  • Video content analysis based on Deep Learning
  • WDR with double scan sensor
  • Temperature Measurment - Thermal Module.
  • Temperature Alarm - Thermal Module
  • Ability to observe in total darkness - Thermal Module
  • two-way audio
  • Min. Illumination from 0.001 lx
Fire detection

Function alarming the user in case of fire in the camera's field of view. Reaction to an alarm event can be an alarm output activation, a light alarm, an audio alarm, an e-mail or sending an event to the DVR.

Thermo Dual Vision

Thermo Dual Vision is a feature available on dual cameras. It allows the thermal image to be overlayed on the video image which significantly improves the detail of the recorded image.

Classification and autotracking of the selected object

Camera classify and is able to autotrack selected type of object: 
- person
- bike/motorbike
- car
Tracking can be triggered by zone entrance or line crossing of chosen object type 

INGENIUS PLUS - Object classification

INGENIUS PLUS - a new generation of intelligent image analysis based on Deep Learning. The algorithm used allows the camera to recognize the shape of a human, a car and bike/motorcycle, even as small as 1% of the stage. The efficiency of the analysis methods used allows simultaneous classify and monitoring of up to 32 objects of different types.

INGENIUS PLUS – Cross Counting

Image analysis based on Deep Learning enabling the counting of objects with recognized shapes (human, a car and bike/motorcycle) that crossed the virtual line. The camera can display the number of these objects in the image.


The function allows to trigger a local alarm, send an e-mail, activate the relay, or send a push notification to the mobile application after the object (human, car or bike/motorbike has crossed the previously defined detection zone.
Application example:
- perimeter protection of the object
- protection of strategically important objects


The function allows to trigger a local alarm, send an e-mail, activate the relay, or send a push notification to the mobile application after the object (human, car or bike/motorbike has crossed the previously defined line (maximum 4 lines per one camera).
Application example:
- perimeter protection of the object


The thermal image is created based on thermal radiation emitted by objects. Thanks to this, thermal imaging cameras allow effective observation even in total darkness and during adverse weather conditions such as fog, where standard cameras, even those equipped with an IR illuminator, do not work. In addition, thermal imaging cameras have been equipped with image analysis functions thanks to which the detection efficiency of objects is very high.

HTML5 standard support

The camera uses HTML5 standard (programming language) to display the image in the browser.
This allows to configure and display stream from camera not only from Internet Explorer, but in all popular browsers, like Opera, Firefox, Edge or Chrome. Thanks to HTML5, the user can safely and conveniently connect to the camera, the high performance of HTML5 protocol allows to high definition video display without lag and with moderate consumption of computer resources.

NMS Compatible

Novus Management System VSS software is an advanced platform for managing video monitoring system. Novus Management System VSS can combine different standards of CCTV: Analog, AHD, IP, and at the same time is a software with a high degree of flexibility, finding its application in both small and large and distributed installations


The video encoding standard, which is the successor to the H.264 standard, which allows to save up to 35% of the bandwidth.

Temperature alarm

This function allows to trigger an alarm after detecting exceeding a set temperature threshold in a specific zone, point or on a defined line. Possible alarm responses are: local alarm, alarm in Novus Management System VSS, e-mail, save to FTP, save to SD card, activation of the alarm output.

Temperature measurement

This function allows the temperature of objects to be measured at a selected point/area of the observed scene.

Fire Detection

With the "Fire Detection" feature, the camera can detect fires in their early stages, before flames or smoke even appear. By analyzing the image, the camera detects high-temperature point sources of heat, which allows to quickly generate an alarm. This feature is particularly useful in places with a high risk of fire, such as warehouses, factories and public facilities, enabling quick response and minimizing damage.

Image - Thermal Module
Image Sensor

Uncooled FPA Microbolometer

Number of Effective Pixels

400 (H) x 300 (V)

Pixel Size

17 µm

Spectral Range

8 - 14 µm

Thermal Sensitivity

40 mK

Thermovision Modes

White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Ironbow, HSV, Autumn, Bone, Cool, Copper, Fire Hot, Pink, Spring, Summer, Winter, Jet, Flame, Rosebengal

Detection Temperature

-20°C ~ 150°C

Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

2D, 3D

Lens - Thermal Module
Lens Type

fixed focal length, f=35 mm/F1.0, with manual focus

Object Detection Range

1029m - human , 3137m - vehicle , 1029m - fire

Object Recognition Range

257m - human , 789m - vehicle

Image Sensor

4 MPX CMOS sensor 1/2.8” SONY

Number of Effective Pixels

2592 (H) x 1520 (V)

Min. Illumination

0.01 lx/F1.2 - color mode,

0.001 lx/F1.2 - B/W mode

Electronic Shutter

auto: 1/5 s ~ 1/20000 s

Digital Slow Shutter (DSS)

up to 1/5 s

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

yes (double scan sensor)

Digital Image Stabilization (DIS)


Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)


Defog Function (F-DNR)


Highlight Compensation (HLC)


Back Light Compensation (BLC)


Optical Zoom


Lens Type

motorized, auto-iris function, f=5.3 ~ 159 mm/F1.6 ~ F4.3


zoom trigger, manual trigger

Switching Type

mechanical IR cut filter

Switching Mode

auto, time

Switching Level Adjustment


Switching Delay

0 ~ 180 s

Stream Resolution

2560 x 1440 (QHD), 2592 x 1520, 2304 x 1296, 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 1280 x 720 (HD), 720 x 576 (D1), 640 x 480 (VGA), 352 x 288 (CIF), 320 x 240 (QVGA)

for thermal module: 704 x 576, 352 x 240

Frame Rate

30 fps for each resolution

Multistreaming Mode

3 streams (main stream, sub stream, third stream)

Video/Audio Compression

H.264, H.265, MJPEG/G.711, RAW_PCM

Number of Simultaneous Connections

max. 10

Network Protocols Support


Camera Configuration

from Edge, Firefox, Chrome browser

languages: Polish, English, and others

Compatible Software


Preset Commands



12 (up to 32 presets per tour)





Tilt/Pan Range

-90° ~ 90°/360° (continuous)

Pan/Tilt Speed

up to 60°/s (proportional to zoom)

Preset Speed

up to 60°/s

Other functions
Temperature Measurement

yes - for thermal module

Temperature Alarm

yes - for thermal module

Temperature Measurement Zones

20 - for thermal module polygon, line, point

Temperature Measurement Accuracy

+-2°C / +-2%

Privacy Zones

4 video mask type: single color

Motion Detection


Region of interest (ROI)


Audio Detection


Video Content Analysis (VCA)

line cross, zone entrance, zone exit, double line cross, loiter, converse, objects distinguishing, people counting

for thermal module: fire detection, temperature measurement, fire source detection, smoke detection

Image Processing

Defective Pixel Correction (DPC), mirror effect, vertical flip, horizontal flip

System Reaction to Alarm Events

e-mail with attachment, saving file on FTP server, alarm output activation, playback of the audio message

Restoring default settings

via web browser

Video Output

BNC, 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm

Audio Input/Output

2 x Jack (3.5 mm)/2 x Jack (3.5 mm)

Alarm Input/Output

9 (NO/NC)/4

Network Interface

1 x Ethernet - RJ-45 interface, 10/100 Mbit/s

Installation parameters
Dimensions (mm)

with bracket: 419 (W) x 316 (H) x 282 (L)

4 m long connection cables


16.5 kg

Degree of Protection

IP 66 (details in the user’s manual)


aluminium, white,

Power Supply

36 VDC (power supply included)

Power Consumption

80 W

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 60°C


max. 90%, relative (non-condensing)

Built-in Heater/Fan