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New functions of NOVUS 4000 series IP recorders


The new firmware version of 8- and 16-channel NOVUS 4000 series IP recorders has new features related to face recognition.

These functions - Repeat visitors and Face attendance - have been extracted in the AI ​​menu. The first of them allows you to determine whether within a defined time period some person appeared in images from selected cameras, and if so, how many times it took place. The reference point can be the image of face from the recorder database, but it can also be a picture in the form of a graphic file. The second function - Face attendance - can be applied for the whole set or individually defined faces and allows to obtain in graphic form information about when some person appeared in the field of view of cameras and was recognized. Thus, when the hours of activity are given, we receive information about the number of latecomings and too early exits within a specified period of time. The length of this information is limited only by size of the archives. Without additional devices, the system administrator can e.g. quickly verify the frequency and punctuality of patrols, as well as the activity of selected people visible in areas displayed by cameras.

Selected data can be exported to CSV file for further processing.

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