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Active deterrent function

Bullet IP camera with white light and IR illuminators


Key features
  • Resolution: 4 MPX
  • Lens: fixed focal, f=2.8 mm/F1.0
  • active deterrence
  • D/N function - IR cut filter
  • Video content analysis based on Deep Learning
  • microSD card support
  • two-way audio
  • Min. Illumination: 0.0005 lx (0 lx, IR on)
  • IR LED, range up to 25 m
  • white LED illuminator, range up to 20 m
  • "Two way power" - when connected to a PoE switch, it allows to power the low power receiver from the camera's power socket

The camera is dedicated to work with NOVUS 4000 series recorders. Detailed data can be found in the compatibility table available in the DOWNLOADABLE FILES tab.

Active Deterrence

Active deterrence allows the camera to detect and react to objects to deter potential intruders. When the camera detects an object, it can glow solid or flash, emit warning sounds or voice messages (number and selection of deterrent functions may vary depending on the camera model). This function is designed to protect the place that is being monitored, discourage the intruder from further actions and scare him away without the need for security intervention.

Audio Detection

The audio detection function analyzes the sound level in the camera's surroundings. When the noise level exceeds the set limit, the camera automatically activates video recording or sends notifications, ensuring a quick response to potentially dangerous situations. Also, if the sounds in the surroundings become too quiet, the function can also trigger a reaction to this event. Thanks to this function, the camera can become a tool not only for observation, but also for monitoring the overall security in a given area.

INGENIUS - Object classification

INGENIUS - a new generation of intelligent image analysis based on Deep Learning. The algorithm used allows the camera to recognize the shape of a human, a car and bike/motorcycle, even as small as 1% of the stage. The efficiency of the analysis methods used allows simultaneous classify and monitoring of up to 32 objects of different types.

Starlight PRO DUO

Colorful and clear images even in complete darkness.
Starlight Pro Duo cameras are equipped with two types of illuminators: WHITE LEDs and IR LEDs.
Extremely high sensitivity of the camera in combination with high power light of WHITE LEDs enables observation in color regardless of the time of day (24/7) and weather conditions.
Depending on camera configuration, WHITE LEDs can also act as a warning light after an alarm event or be turned on manually by the user.
IR LEDs enable "traditional" night-time operation in black/white mode, which may be useful in situations where discretion of observation is desired.

INGENIUS - Intrusion

The function allows to trigger a local alarm, send an e-mail, activate the relay, or send a push notification to the mobile application after the object (human, car or bike/motorbike has crossed the previously defined detection zone.
Application example:
- perimeter protection of the object
- protection of strategically important objects

INGENIUS - Tripwire

The function allows to trigger a local alarm, send an e-mail, activate the relay, or send a push notification to the mobile application after the object (human, car or bike/motorbike has crossed the previously defined line (maximum 4 lines per one camera).
Application example:
- perimeter protection of the object

Hardware Smart IR

The Smart IR functionality allows you to dynamically adjust the level of infrared illuminator built into the camera to the distance from the observed object. Thanks to this, the image is not overexposed, and the objects are clear even in close proximity to the camera.


The mobile application allows for remote monitoring of a system based on 4000, AHD and Wi-Fi recorders via a smartphone with Android or iOS. The basic configuration of the recorder and cameras as well as PTZ control are available from the phone. The application allows you to connect to the recorder via P2P using a QR code, without the need for additional network configuration. In addition, it allows you to receive push alarms for selected alarm actions such as:
- crossing the line
- intrusion into the zone
- sabotage


All cameras of the 4000 series have an autonomous P2P functionality that works with the RxCamView application. The camera which we provide Internet access can connect directly to the application using the QR code (via the P2P server). The solution is useful for large / dispersed objects where we only need live view.

Two Way Power

Two way power function allows for using DC connector in camera (12V) as an output, when camera is powered by PoE. Maximum power output is 3W, so this solution is recommended mostly for active powered microphones (for cameras with audio input). 

Configuration of cameras from the NVR


The recorders in combination with the cameras of the same series, apart from the configuration of basic parameters such as contrast or brightness, allow for a much more advanced interference with the camera settings. Depending on the functionality of the camera, from the recorder level it is possible, among others:
- changing the network settings of the camera
- stream parameters setting
- setting the zoom and focus in a camera with a motor zoom lens
- enabling and configuring the image analysis function

SD Card slot

The camera equipped with an SD card slot allows local recording of video material, so it is resistant to possible interference in the transmission of data between the camera and the recorder. Playback and export of saved material can be done from the level of the web browser.

NMS Compatible

Novus Management System VSS software is an advanced platform for managing video monitoring system. Novus Management System VSS can combine different standards of CCTV: Analog, AHD, IP, and at the same time is a software with a high degree of flexibility, finding its application in both small and large and distributed installations


The video encoding standard, which is the successor to the H.264 standard, which allows to save up to 35% of the bandwidth.


Power over Ethernet - the technology allows you to power the IP camera directly from the recorder, without the need for additional power devices.

Image Sensor

4 MPX CMOS sensor 1/3” SmartSens

Number of Effective Pixels

2560 (H) x 1440 (V)

Min. Illumination

0.0005 lx/F1.0 - color mode,

0 lx (IR on) - B/W mode

Electronic Shutter

auto/manual: 1/5 s ~ 1/20000 s

Digital Slow Shutter (DSS)

up to 1/5 s

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)


Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

2D, 3D

Highlight Compensation (HLC)


Back Light Compensation (BLC)


Reduction of image flicker (Antiflicker)


Lens Type

fixed focal, f=2.8 mm/F1.0

Switching Type

mechanical IR cut filter

Switching Mode

auto, manual, time

Switching Delay

1 ~ 36 s

Stream Resolution

2560 x 1440 (QHD), 640 x 480 (VGA)

Frame Rate

25 fps for each resolution

Multistreaming Mode

2 streams (main stream, sub stream)

Video/Audio Compression

H.264, H.265/G.711

Number of Simultaneous Connections

max. 3 connections, (max. 10 streams in total)


15 Mb/s in total

Network Protocols Support


Camera Configuration

from Internet Explorer browser

languages: Polish, English, and others

Compatible Software


Mobile applications

RxCamView (iPhone, Android)

Other functions
Privacy Zones

4 video mask type: single color

Motion Detection


Audio Detection


Video Content Analysis (VCA)

line cross, zone violation, objects distinguishing, smart motion detection with objects distinguishing

Image Processing

180˚ image rotation, vertical flip, horizontal flip


up to 5 s/up to 30 s

System Reaction to Alarm Events

e-mail with attachment, saving file on SD card, active deterrent functions


white LEDs, steady/flashing light, red and blue LEDs, flashing light,

audio signaling device (siren)

Restoring default settings

via web browser, using reset button

LED Number



25 m

Smart IR

yes (hardware support)

White light illuminator
LED Number

2, warm white color


20 m

Smart Light

yes (hardware support)

Audio Input/Output

built-in microphone/speaker

Network Interface

1 x Ethernet - RJ-45 interface, 10/100 Mbit/s

Memory Card Slot

microSD - capacity up to 256GB

Installation parameters
Dimensions (mm)

with bracket: 71 (Ф) x 150 (L)


0.36 kg

Degree of Protection

IP 66 (details in the user’s manual)


aluminium, white, fully cable managed wall mount bracket in-set included

Power Supply

12 VDC, PoE (IEEE 802.3af, Class 3)

Surge protection

TVS 4000 V

Power Consumption

1.5 W,

3 W (IR illuminator on),

5.5 W (white light illuminator on),

6.5 W (active deterrence functions enabled)

Operating Temperature

-35°C ~ 60°C


max. 95%, relative (non-condensing)

File name Description  
2.05 MB
User manual
2.8 MB
CE_NOVUS NVIP_4H_4231WLAD-sig.pdf
627.56 KB
Camera's maintenance tips_Wskazowki konserwacji kamer_v1.0.pdfOthers

204.85 KB
Device Config Tool_1.0.2.46 with manual.zipSoftware

30.85 MB
Accessories with cameras compatibility_Kompatybilnosc akcesoriow i kamer_25.06.2024.xlsxCompatibility table

6.09 MB
NVR, NHDR with IP cameras compatibility_Kompatybilnosc rejestratorow i kamer IP_26.06.2024.xlsxCompatibility table

363 KB
IP2000_ 4000 cameras security recommendations_rekomendacje bezpieczenstwa_EN_PL_v1.0.pdfOthers

1005.7 KB

209.43 MB
NVIP-4000_series_FULL_EN_PL_v1.6.pdfUser manual

8.16 MB
PoE standards overview_Porównanie standardów PoE_EN_PL_v1.0.pdfOthers

710.61 KB
IP4000_Image analysis - camera installation guidelines_wskazówki instalacji kamer_EN_PL_v1.0.pdfUser manual

1.12 MB

4000 VSS NVR

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